Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Monday Night at SRJJA (Melvindale, MI)

A few pics from training at the SRJJA Melvindale Academy on Monday night. It was a big turnout (16 people) with class taught by Chris Blanke.

My lens was fogging up due to the humidity in the
room. Training in the winter time in Michigan you can
see the steam coming off of people's bodies. To toughen up
for the big tournaments, we go roll outside in the snow. Just
kidding, but it DID work for Rocky.

This is a bit better pic. The upper belt rotation is taking a break and
watching the white belts get their Jits on.

(L to R) John, Brent and Tom talking about the benefits of
wearing a blue gi while waiting for their turns to roll. Tom
is still a bit Old School, so he hedges his bets and sticks with
the white pants. Somewhere in his closet is a REALLY white gi
top that has never seen the mat.

1 comment:

Sir Stewart Wallace said...

Do those guys train in a hallway?
That is by far and away the narrowest training space I've ever seen.