Thursday, February 15, 2007

Judo Training

Here's a couple of pics from training up at the EMU judo club on Thursday night. The club trains on a spring loaded gymnastic floor which allows for tons of full throttle throws. The down side of the flooring system is that it's carpeted and if you're doing ground work it's hard to move around if you're the one with your back on the mat. But I don't go to the Judo club to work on my ground work, so no worries there. Of course, with my back still being a bit sore and stiff I didn't train too hard and worked mainly on my foot work, combos and set ups for my two favorite (and highest percentage) throws (Ippon seoi nage & Kata guruma). I've also been working on my Uchi mata with Clint (shodan) the last 4 or 5 sessions and I finally had a break through tonight. I hope to really work it this Saturday and Sunday and find the right flow for the throw. If possible, I'd like to feel confident enough with it to try it out at the Arnold's. That's a lot to ask for on such short notice, but the throw feels quite natural for me to do even though I've only worked on it for about 5 or 6 hours. Clint was also working with me on a new twist to the Osoto gari. One with a lot of hip action and quite different from the one I've been drilling for the last 5 months. Tells me that it's a bit safer to do in competition and it sure does feel more powerful. I think I like his version better.

End of class challenge: jump up and balance on some cushion thing. There must be a deeper meaning to all of this, but I just arrived to start training with the club guys and it's beyond me what the point of this is. Funny, though - these kids are getting college credit for this.

Clint in the blue gi with his back to me working on his Tomoe nage. His brother, Luke, watching on from the side.

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