Sunday, February 18, 2007

DVD Review - Jiu-Jitsu Revolution 2, Saulo Ribeiro

Jiu-Jitsu Revolution 2, Saulo Ribeiro
Distibuted by World Martial Arts
Produced by Paul F. Viele
6 DVD set, currently $150.00 @ WMA

Anyone that knows me or has taken the time to look at my little profile on the right, knows that I am a student of Saulo's. So, how can I be expected to write a non-biased and objectionable review about my instructor's DVD set? Because I paid full price for the damn videos! If I drop a 150 bones on anything, it better live up to my expectations. Thankfully, it does. But in all honesty, and as a person that does science for a living and publishes my results in scientific journals, I know that my review will probably be tainted with modest degrees of favoritism no matter how hard I try not to.

Obviously, this is the second installment in the Jiu-Jitsu Revolution gi series. Revolution 1 was the series that lays down the foundation of Saulo's game. And, while you don't need to own Revolution 1 to appreciate this new series, it certainly would be helpful for some of the techniques. On a few occassions, Saulo makes reference to techniques in Revolution 1 with the assumption that the viewer is familiar the content of his previous series. On other occassions he adds variations to Revolution 1 techniques without going into too much detail about the basic move that he is expanding on. Again, under the assumption that the viewer is familiar with Revolution 1. Do you need Revolution 1 to learn from Revolution 2? No. But I would say that it would be in your best interest to own it as well. And why not? Revolution 1 was groundbreaking and packed full of solid techniques that are all tournament tested. And, Revolution 2 picks up where Revolution 1 leaves off and expands upon an already spectacularly laid foundation.

If Revolution 1 was the ground floor of Saulo's game, Revolution 2 is the stairway that shows us what the second and third floors look like. One of the aspects that I really liked was Disc 1, "Modified Takedowns for Jiu-Jitsu." Saulo is known for being a superior stand up technician, primarily for his Kouchi Gari - Ippon Seoi Nage combination that has netted him countless points in the highest level tournaments. In this disc he shows us how he does it. I know him to be a lover and student of Judo and in this disc he attempts to fill the gaps in the BJJ players game by addressing a stand up game plan. But, most of us that do both sports know that alot of Judo takedowns and throws are not suited for BJJ. Saulo addresses these issues and modifies them accordingly. He also focuses on the gripping game and proper footwork while standing. All of which will lead to superior positioning once things hit the mat.

Also in Revolution 2, Saulo shows us two never before seen positions: The X-pass and The Running Escape. The X-pass is a new open guard pass much like the Bull Fighter pass, but far more versatile. It can be hit from many types of open guard. The Running Escape is not exactly what it sounds like, but it is a new way of defending from the bottom cross position. I have personally been working this position in class and it seems to frustrate and confuse my opponents. This is a far more dynamic position than the bottom cross while it allows for more opportunities to escape than just the traditional bump to guard. I think it's biggest plus is that it alleviates the problem of having the guy on top of you in side mount smash you and tire you out.

The other DVDs in the set round out the series nicely and really focus on the key positions. As always, Saulo is great at conveying his lessons and teaches his techniques in a logical progression. I highly recommend this set to anybody that wants to go to the next level.


Dan said...

Hey Jason: We've only met a few times before I think, but this is Dan from Abdula's. nice review of Rev 2. I only have one very small criticism of Rev 2....on the Half Guard disc, he doesn't show the entry into the "Deep" HG b/c he said he dealt with that on Rev 1. unless I was totally asleep each of the dozens upon dozens of times I've watched Rev 1, he doesn't show the the deep HG entry on that set but rather on the no-gi set. that said, I think there's an opportunity there for confusion with those that only have Rev 1 and 2. but aside from that, Saulo showed everything I hoped he would in Rev 2. the running escape disc automatically changed the way I escape cross body within the first 5 mins of the disc. those 5 mins showed me everything I had been doing up 'til that point had been wrong. for now, that's the disc I keep going to over and over again.

Jason Clarke said...

Arcadia Dan! Yes, we have trained together at Abdula's. You're right he does only show the deep half on Freesytle Revolution. So, I guess we all need to get that one, too, if we don't already have it!

I was working the running escape tonight and Melvindale and the upper belts are figuring it out. I need to go back and watch that disc some more tonight.

I'll be up at Focus sometime soon to train and take some pics of the place to put up on this site. Hope to see you there.


Dan said...

you are correct sir that is me!!! I don't own the Freestyle set yet but I have seen it, but most of what I've picked up on the deep half came from a private I took with Saulo awhile back. I'm not that great at it yet but I was able to catch Abdula with a sweep from it not long ago. I found some clips on YouTube of some deep half-like moves that look like they'll fit very nicely into the framework Saulo presents. There are 6 total...and if you're interested I can send the links to you. but since I've been so lazy when it comes to training lately, I haven't had a chance to work the Running Escape very much yet. usually its late at night when I'm watching and I don't often make it past the first 5 mins anyways =)

Anonymous said...

This is a great dvd set. I was able to get my hands on a copy at my gym which is Saulo affiliated.

If you want some of the videos, I was looking through you tube and linked them.