Friday, February 23, 2007

Friday Night Open Mat at The Bat Cave

A few pics from inside a secret training facility somewhere in the state of Michigan. Maybe one day I can divulge more, but for now this is all I can write. If you were invited to this event and didn't show... your loss.

This place is huge with over 2000 sq.ft. of brand new Zebra mats.
The mats are nicely framed in with no toe-torquing gaps. The
non-traditional colors are a cool change of pace from the norm.
There is music playing in the background.

Matt & Seth:

Only a few people have shown up. It's early yet.

Open guard passing. If you've seen Saulo Ribeiro's
Jiu-Jitsu Revolution 2, you might recognize the gi that
Seth is wearing.

Butterfly guard w/underhook & belt grip.

Tom & Dorian:

Tom really needs to work on his guard game.

Dorian with an ankle lock.


Dan said...

man that place looks pretty friggin' swanky =) best of luck to you all at the Arnolds!!

Chris said...

Wow, I can't wait to find out more.

Jason Clarke said...

yes, i hope that one day this will become a BJJ training facility. but, for now it is unused space for the most part. negotiations are in place by a couple of different parties as to acquiring this space to teach out of. but, i am not a part of these negotiations. i was invited to take the place for a test drive and give my feed back.