Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Michigan Morels - 5/6/07

Okay, I'll admit it - I didn't watch the ADCC's on ProElite over the weekend. In my opinion, I was doing something better, instead. It's Morel Mushroom season in Michigan. If you're not familiar with these things, they are phenomenal! The are a gourmet mushroom that retails for about $100/lb depending on where you're at and the time of year. Basically, you have a small window of time in which to find these shrooms, and this year it fell on the same weekend as the ADCC's. With the ADCC's, I can always buy the DVD when it comes out later.

So, I spent my ADCC weekend outside in the woods with my girlfriend finding these elusive bastards and getting ripped apart by picker bushes. We found about 100 or so in 2 days for ourselves, and I helped some Judo friends of mine (Brenden & Danielle) find some for themselves, as well.

I'll be up north this coming weekend looking for more, so I won't be at any of the upcoming tournaments.


clint said...

Man, that last one is huge! Looks like you did pretty well.

Jason Clarke said...

i named that last one peter north.

Dan said...

Jason: just out of curiosity, does your gf work at La Dolce Vita? I ask b/c my gf and I were there tonight and as we were leaving I thought I saw someone behind the counter that looked like whom I think was your gf based on what I saw at Ryan/East West's tourney awhile back

Jason Clarke said...

yep. that's her. sometimes she waitresses, and sometimes she works as a pastry chef.