Monday, May 7, 2007

ADCC Results

The results are in. Congrats to Xande, the under 99kg Champion, as well as all of the 2007 ADCC finalists.

Super Fight Winner: Roger Gracie (score 5-0)

Men's Absolute:
1st Place: Robert Drysdale
2nd Place: Marcelo Garcia
3rd Place: Andre Galvao
4th Place: Cacareco

Women's Absolute:
1st Place: Hannette Staack
2nd Place: Rosangela Conceicao
3rd Place: Kelly Paul
4th Place: Lana Stefanac

Men's Finals:

Over 99 Kg:
1st Place: Fabricio Werdum
2nd Place: Rolles Gracie
3rd Place: Pe De Pano
4th Place: Darren Andy

Under 99 Kg:
1st Place: Xande Ribeiro
2nd Place: Braulio Estima
3rd Place: Robert Drysdale
4th Place: Cacareco

Under 87 Kg:
1st Place: Demian Maia
2nd Place: Flavio Almeida
3rd Place: Romulo Barral
4th Place: Tarsis Humphreys

Under 76 Kg:
1st Place: Marcelo Garcia
2nd Place: Pablo Popovitch
3rd Place: Andre Galvao
4th Place: Mike Fowler

Under 65 Kg:
1st Place: Rani Yahya
2nd Place: Leozinho Vieira
3rd Place: Baret Yoshida
4th Place: Tetsu Suzuki

Women's Semi Finals:

Over 67 Kg:
1st Place: Penny Thomas
2nd Place: Lana Stefanac
3rd Place: Rosangela Conceicao
4th Place: Celita Schultz

Under 67 Kg:
1st Place: Hannette Staack
2nd Place: Kelly Paul
3rd Place: Marloes Coenen
4th Place: Stacy Cartwright

Under 60 Kg:
1st Place: Kyra Gracie
2nd Place: Tara LaRosa
3rd Place: Takayo Hashi
4th Place: Hitomi Akano

Under 55 Kg:
1st Place: Sayaka Shioda
2nd Place: Felicia Oh
3rd Place: Megumi Fujii
4th Place: Bianca Barreto


Nicolas Gregoriades said...

Hi Jason,
Well done on the great blog.
Would you consider linking to my blog ? I'll be happy to do the same.
Thanks, Steven on behalf of Nicolas Gregoriades, Brown Belt under Roger Gracie

Jason Clarke said...

Consider it done, Steven. Look on the right side of the page under the BJJ/Judo Blog heading.