Friday, March 9, 2007

Team Saulo Takes 1st in Gi & 2nd Overall at Arnold's!

NAGA posted the results of the 2007 Arnold Classic this morning. The overall team winner was Team Jorge Gurgel with 3620 points, followed by Team Saulo Ribeiro in 2nd place with 3110 points and Team Rodrigo Vaghi with 2670 points. Congratulations to Team Gurgel on your victory.

By division, Team Saulo Ribeiro won the Gi competion with 1850 points, with 2nd place being Team Jorge Gurgel with 1670 points and Team Rodrigo Vaghi coming in at 3rd place with 1180 points. The No-gi competition was won by Team Jorge Gurgel (1340 pts.), 2nd place Team Rodrigo Vaghi (1120 pts.) and Team USA MA in 3rd place (700 pts.). Team Saulo Ribeiro finished the No-gi competition in 5th place with 520 points. There were also a Kids & Teens divisions that finished up with Team Saulo Ribeiro in 1st place (740 pts.), Team Jorge Gurgel in 2nd (610 pts.) and Team Kruse Academy in 3rd (480 pts.).

Congratulations to all of the winning Teams and Medalists, and all of the competitors who came out to help make this a great tournament.

Below is a medal break down for all of my Team Saulo Ribeiro team mates and others that may be interested. As soon as some more pics come in, I will post them.

Team Saulo Ribeiro Medal Break Down:
Gi Division

Gold Medalists (15):
Jeremy Harris (Brown Belt)
Matt Jubera (Brown Belt)
Ben Eaton (Purple Belt)
Scott Oates (Purple Belt)
John Walus (Purple Belt)
Dan Agemy (Purple Belt)
John Toth (Purple Belt)
Matt Lewis (White Belt)
Valentin Valdez (White Belt)
Bridget Toth (White Belt)
Rodney Partidge (? Belt)
George Payton (Teen Intermediate)
Cody Matern (Kids Intermediate)
Jeri Wethli (Kids Advanced)
Chris Stokes (Kids Intermediate)

Silver Medalists (9):
Sean Bansfield (Black Belt)
Jason Clarke (Purple Belt)
Jessica Goetz (Blue Belt)
Stephen Tondu (White Belt)
Kevin Wechter (? Belt)
A.R. Bansfield (Teen Intermediate)
Sean Thomas (Teen Beginner)
Kahleigh Neroni (Teen Beginner)
Kyle Matern (Kids Beginner)

Bronze Medalists (4):
Jeremy Harris (Brown Belt)
Kathleen Rozzi (Purple Belt)
Seth Smith (Purple Belt)
Jarrod Serre (White Belt)

No-gi Division

Gold Medalists (6):
Ben Eaton (Advanced)
Justin Wehr (Intermediate)
Tim Maleo (Beginner)
George Payton (Teen Intermediate)
Cody Matern (Kids Intermediate)
Jeri Wethli (Kids Intermediate)

Silver Medalists (5):
Jeremy Harris (Advanced)
Mike Melki (Intermediate)
Kahleigh Neroni (Teen Beginner)
Kyle Matern (Kids Beginner)
Chris Stokes (Kids Intermediate)

Bronze Medalists (3):
Micky Sage (Intermediate)
Jarrod Serre (Beginner)
A.R. Bansfield (Teen Advanced)


Chris said...

You know, they had featherweight Gi blue belts wrong. Mike Melki got 2nd in that as well. They have "Mike Broome" from Team East Coast.

Jason Clarke said...


Is Mike Melki from SRJJA Burchfield? Let me know the specifics. I plan to bring this and any others up in an email to Kipp and whoever does the results. I'll wait a day or two to see if more come in.

I noticed several other discrepancies. Mainly white belts and kids/teens registering under their local affiliate academy name instead of as Team Saulo Ribeiro. But, these will probably not be changed. This is the fault of the instructors not informing their students on how to register, or the students for forgetting.

Thanks for clearing things up.

Chris said...
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Chris said...

Yeah, Mike's from SRJJA Burchfield. But I'm sure he registered correctly as it says "Saulo Ribero" under his no-gi 2nd place.

Chris said...
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Chris said...

If it matters at all he has 2nd place in both of these pics:

I had to seperate the whole address to two lines. Those are each the entire address.