Thursday, March 22, 2007

Janet & Adam LaClair: Battling for Their Lives

Adam LaClair is a BJJ purple belt under Joe Moreira as well as being accomplished in other martial arts. He runs a martial arts and BJJ training facility out of his home in Lyndonville, VT. Adam and his wife Janet are currently in the Battle of their lives. Adam's wife Janet has been engaged in a long standing battle with pancreatic cancer for some time now. The hospital bills are mounting and the bank is ready to foreclose on their home in the near future. But, there are ways we can all help.

Jason Hammell of AGC will be holding a grappling tournament in Sudbury, Massachusetts on April 7th in order to donate the proceeds to help Adam and Jan pay their mountainous hospital bills and mortgage payments. If you can attend this event, please go, even if only as a spectator and make a donation to the fund.

Tomorrow, March 23rd is the Grand Opening of the new Focus Jiu-Jitsu Academy run by Saulo Ribeiro black belt Sean "Abdula" Bansfield in Ann Arbor, MI. We will be collecting monetary donations at the Grand Opening to send to Janet and Adam.

If you can't go to either the tournament or the Grand Opening, you can send donations to:

Janet LaClair
PO Box 4293
Pleasant Street
Lyndonville, VT 05851

or via Paypal to

They are also interested in receiving martial arts supplies and equipment that they can auction off.

Adam has a website with discussion forums where he keeps people up to date on the condition of his wife, here. You can also stay up to date by reading some of the threads being posted on the Underground forums. This guy wrote about Janet and Adam's struggles on his website, as well.

If you want to send Janet some words of encouragement you can send them to . Please do so. Please do what you can.

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Jason Clarke said...

We raised over $100 for Janet and Adam at the Grand Opening. More coming soon in a new post with pics and vid from the Grand Opening.