Friday, September 11, 2009

The Death Throes of Boxing

Boxing promoter legend Bob Arum takes aim at his competition - the UFC. Fanhouse's Ariel Helwani interviews Bob about Boxing, and then the subject of the UFC comes up at about the 3:55 mark. So just fast forward to that and sit back and laugh at the things that come out of Bob's mouth.

Video courtesy of Ariel Helwani

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Brandon said...

Anybody trying to understand where this guy is coming from needs to watch the whole interview, and not just from 3:55 on. Then you get a much better picture of how insane he is.

Basically, he's saying that Floyd Mayweather (who has, by far, the quickest and most precise punches of anybody I've ever seen) is not an asset to boxing because he lacks "entertainment" value in the ring. The argument there is that people want to see a brawl, not a careful and efficient contest of technique.

Then, he makes an argument that MMA lacks technique and is just (homosexual) brutality, therefore it is inferior to boxing... which is only entertaining due to its own brutality, not its most talented athletes.

That's the breakdown, ignoring his tunnel-vision view of the sports' audiences... which itself couldn't be more wrong. I enjoy MMA for the variety of action, but that doesn't preclude me from being a boxing fan. Actually, I watch boxing specifically for people like Mayweather... for their incredible level of skill, not just to see a knockout.

What a tool.