Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Update from (flooded) Iowa

Sorry for the lag in posts. I've been working on writing up a review of the Padilla and Sons Single Weave and Hybrid Weave gis, and then WHOOSH! A flood hits my area and throws everything in to disorder. I can't complain, though. The only thing that happened to me was that I lost my internet connection at home. Even though I live only 300 meters from the Iowa River, I'm on a big hill at least 50 feet above the water line. Others had it FAR worse, and I hope for the best for them. The first night of flooding my girlfriend and I were helping those down the hill from us sandbag, but I can tell you, what we did wasn't nearly enough. Such a shame. I posted some pics we took so you can check them out here: Jason's Flood Pics . I also took some video that I will upload to Youtube as soon as I can. The good news is that the water is beginning to recede.

Also, some of you may know (or not) that when I left Michigan for Iowa last October I had a goal of opening a Saulo Ribeiro training association. Well, the time has come and July 8th is the first class. I am the first SRJJA affiliate in the state of Iowa! You can check out the temporary website over at . The first post has the Grand Opening flyer. And that's my logo at there up above. Thanks to my girlfriend and Phil from Taproot for helping me design it.

That's all for now. I will try to get that gi review up as soon as I can. Bear with me!


Anonymous said...

Can't wait for those reviews!

MMAndy said...

If you're looking for more products to review, has a lot of MMA gear, apparel, training equipment, etc. Stay dry!

Jason Clarke said...


let me know what you have in mind and i'll see what i can do. email me at if/when you have a product you want reviewed.