Thursday, August 5, 2010

Xande Ribeiro vs Chris Moriarity Breakdown

Here's a video of Xande vs Chris Moriarity at the Grappler's Quest 32 Man World's Best Grappler Competition. Xande took 2nd place after suffering a knee injury in the semi-finals. Here's a video with some of my analysis:

Stand Up Game Part 1:

There is a lot of hand fighting going on. Back and forth collar ties, kouchi gari attempts and Russian two on one ties.

Moriarity takes the first double leg shot at 1:32, which puts him into a dangerous spot when Xande sprawls and has him in front head lock/turtle control.

Ground Game Part 1:

From the front head lock position Xande looks to be threatening with either a D'arce or Anaconda. As he moves to the side of Chris, the D'arce option looks more inevitable. Chris defends these threats well as Xande pushes into him and looks to take his back. But Chris is moving well and catches Xande in his half guard with an underhook.

Xande recognizes the dangers of this position and posts on Chris' hip to get to his feet quickly. There is some brief hand fighting in the sitting guard and Chris gets back to his feet.

Stand Up Game Part 2:

Returning to the feet we go back to the hand fighting. Chris catches Xande in a sticky two on one grip but can't keep it. Then, at 2:52 Xande attempts a dynamic armdrag to low single that sends Chris searching for his balance. Chris reaches for Xande's right arm which Xande raises to bait him. Then he quickly cross grips for the armdrag, and steps in deep between Chris' legs. Using the armdrag to shuck Chris past him Xande attempts to get Chris' left ankle for the single. Chris manages to pull his ankle free by using both of his hands on the mat and turning to face Xande to avoid the takedown. In the background you can hear Saulo shouting, "Boa! Boa!" ("Good! Good!").

The grapplers return to the center of the mat and exchange some grips. At 3:24 they have circled to the edge of the mat in the corner. It appears Chris may have relaxed for a split second, perhaps expecting to circle back in to the mat. But Xande, still in bounds, shoots for a double leg. Chris' attempt to sprawl is late. Xande turns to his right to finish the shot, and this turn helps keep Chris on the mats. Some may say that this TD shouldn't count, but I disagree as Xande was in bounds when he initiated it. Following the takedown there is an argument, but I don't think it's about the takedown.

Xande lands the double leg with a healthy little slam (2 pts). While Chris lands on the brown mat Xande manages to keep his right foot on the red warning track which is usually considered to be in bounds. At this point Chris' appears to raise his right hand as Xande is securing side control. Perhaps Chris is expecting the ref to move them to the center of the mat? But as he is doing this Xande keeps fighting and secures the mount (4 pts). I think this is why after the ref moves them to the center Chris is arguing with him. Notes to my students: 1) Never stop fighting until the ref stops you. 2) Never argue with the ref.

Ground Game Part 2:

The ref restarts the match in the center with Xande in the mount. Little observation - the whole time the ref is moving them and Chris is arguing with him, the match clock is still running. It should've been paused for all of this. At 3:37 when the ref stopped to move them, Xande had the mount with head control and an underhook with his left arm. When they restarted at 4:04, the ref doesn't let Xande have his underhook back. Oh well.

Chris tries to escape Xande's mount but is forced to roll over to his knees. Xande is able to lock up a body triangle with his long legs. As Chris posts one leg up to the side Xande trades the body triangle out for an over-under hook on the same leg. Eventually Xande gets his two hooks in and 4 more pts.

Chris rolls over to face upwards and Xande tries to work his hands in for the choke. Xande gets the seatbelt grip and notice how he keeps slightly to the side of Chris so that he can drop Chris on top of his choking arm - or as I like to call it "the chopping block".

Chris keeps his chin tucked to defend the choke, but Xande switches to a neck crank which is legal in this and many other no-gi tournaments. As Xande Gable Grips and tries to drop his right elbow behind Chris' shoulder for the crank you can see that Chris gets his hands caught in the lock. Chris' left hand shouldn't be enough to stop the crank, but once he manages to weave his right arm up through the lock the pressure is relieved (1 advantage?).

In defending the neck crank Chris' right arm comes up high and out of position. Xande notices this and quickly switches to try and catch the head and arm triangle by coming under Chris' arm and getting on top. Chris manages to smartly defend this and put Xande back into a half guard.

Chris is playing a half butterfly guard game against a heavy and stable Xande. Xande decides to play from his feet and this allows Chris to get back to his.

Stand Up Game Part 3:

Back on their feet both grapplers exchange pushes and shots. At 6:31 Chris shoots in and Xande locks up his head and arm. Twisting Chris down (2 pts?), Xande steps over to the top for an arm in guillotine forcing Chris to tap right at the buzzer! Final score on the board was 11 - 0. I had 10 - 0 assuming they didn't count the twist down as a 2 pts. I don't know where the 11th point came from.


Training BJJ said...

This was one of the better play by play articles for a bjj tournament I have ever read...nice job.

Jason said...

Thanks dude. It's my first time doing it. I figured some after the fact analysis might reveal some of the nuances. If I had the time I'd just add text within the video, along with some slo-mo replays and stuff. Just don't have enough time in the day for all of that stuff now.